Inline configuration

Mypy supports setting per-file configuration options inside files themselves using # mypy: comments. For example:

# mypy: disallow-any-generics

Inline configuration comments take precedence over all other configuration mechanisms.

Configuration comment format

Flags correspond to config file flags but allow hyphens to be substituted for underscores.

Values are specified using =, but = True may be omitted:

# mypy: disallow-any-generics
# mypy: always-true=FOO

Multiple flags can be separated by commas or placed on separate lines. To include a comma as part of an option’s value, place the value inside quotes:

# mypy: disallow-untyped-defs, always-false="FOO,BAR"

Like in the configuration file, options that take a boolean value may be inverted by adding no- to their name or by (when applicable) swapping their prefix from disallow to allow (and vice versa):

# mypy: allow-untyped-defs, no-strict-optional